Today, no health related news!

I would like to share with you an activity which has been more and more important for me since the spring of 2017: stained glass projects. Up to now, I had finished 5 projects, from  the first one I did in the spring of 2017 when I was not strong enough to cut the pieces of glass, to the last one finished a few months ago. Today, I will present the last one, which is “an italian landscape”, sort of ;-)!

It all started with a photo taken in a church of a stained glass window….


The first step, after drawing the cartoon, was to choose the colors of the glass to be used…


Then came the key step: cuting the pieces in the most accurate fashion possible (taking in account that I am a beginner “artist”!)…



With all the pieces cut, now came the building of the stained glass.


The stained glass I was making was of the “Tiffany type” ( key step is to wrap around each piece of glass a small ribbon of copper…


The last step consist in gluing together the glass pieces by welding using tin solder… et voilà!


I hope you  like it!

All this work has been done at “Irisations ” (

All those “artistic activities” are based on “my good health”! I would like to thank again all the people at the Saint Antoine hospital and in particular my kind graft doctor, my anonymous stem cells donor, my family and my friends: I love you all! Each morning, when I wake up, my first thoughts are for you :-)!

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